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Maybe she is just a word for you but she is the poetry for someone. Maybe she is just a piece of paper for you but she is the book for someone. Maybe she is just a chapter for you but she is story for someone. Maybe she is just a person for you  but she is the world to… Read more →

नम आँखे

कलम से लिखे ये लव्ज़ , जुबां से न निकल सकेँ ; दूर जाने वाले परिंदे , दूर हमसे हो गए  |     दुःख की बुँदे जम के , आँखों से निकल न सकी ; पत्थर बन कर दिखाया जग को , लेकिन नम अंदर से हो गए  |     दुःख तो है इस दिल को , क्योंकि… Read more →

My new year

So, finally we entered in the another year’s end again, but look who is coming? Knock knock: New year naaaahhh, its “Happy New Money Year” 2016 was the year full of adventure, suspense, joyness…this year was a complete proportion of every element of homo sapiens’s resisting elements. From the decision of demonetisation to collection of the super-duper hit of Dangal,… Read more →



        The topic “women equality” is a burning issue all over the world. India is a place where women’s are worshipped as godesses and now it has became a country where those women’s are brutually raped,beaten up and tortured. No matter how civilized our society gets but still there is a huge propotion of people who think… Read more →

Female Foeticide

Just Like a swift breeze,  A new creature bleed.  Spending 9 months in a pack,  It got everything to eat, cry kick.  But the creature is now out, Is ready to see the world ! Oh god!  It’s a girl, Her mother conveyed. Some were happy, some were gone,  While some were just closing eyes.  She didn’t knew what to… Read more →


                                                            WOMEN EMPOWERMENT  I may not hope for outward forms to win .The passion and the life , whose fountains are within,alluding to the famous lines of Colerideg which potray my… Read more →

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