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Performance of India in Olypmics Rio 2016

Olypmics is offically known as ” Games of XXXI ”olympiad & this year commonly known as Rio 2016. It was held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from August 5’2016 to August 21’2016.  This year, there were 207 nations participated and athletes were 11,303 in numbers. There were 28 events with the set of 306 medals. These sports took place at… Read more →

Olympics RIO 2k16

                                   PERFORMANCE OF INDIA RIO OLYMPICS                     INTRODUCTION OF OLYMPICS:-The Summer Olympics(Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016) of the XXXI Olympiad will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016 It will be the 28th edition of the Summer Games,… Read more →

Performance of India in Rio Olympics 2016

Dear Ma’am Introduction-  Host city of Rio Olympic 2016 was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In total 207 Nations participated in 2016 Olympics, Total no of Athletes participated was 11,303 and there are 306 events in different categories of sports. Opening Ceremony was on 5th August 2016 & Closing Ceremony was on 21st Aug 2016 Body-  I believe i would blame… Read more →

INDIA'S Olympics Performance'16

INDIA’S Olympics Performance’16

INDIA competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 to 21 August. A total of 117 competitors participated in 15 different sports. India got the 67th rank with only 2 medals from which one silver medal was achieved by PV Sindhi and the another one was bronze from Sakshi Malik. The Rio Olympics has ended with a disappointing medal haul for India. Despite an exceptional number of Indian athletes qualifying for the mega sports event, India returned home with a diminished medal tally compared with six medals achieved in the last Olympics. After that miserable performance, lndia was compared with several poor countries.  Now, the question arises that what were the reasons behind this defeat. Whether it were the weak performances of the players or it was the ugly politics of the sports federation. As we know to win or to loose is a part of the game but it is also important to know the reasons behind it. There were many factors for this like mismanagement of sports association, absence of a sporting culture, poor adaptation with the conditions in Brazil, inadequate sports infrastructure and may be our bad luck. Most athletes are wary of pursuing their discipline professionally because of high risk and low awards. Many Indian officials treat sports like a joke. They are failed to ensure basic support for athletes who gave their all for India. A sporting culture gets established when talent is nurtured, groomed and rewarded. But India’s ugly politics use a winner only to score political points but invest nothing in nurturing them. To play a game we have to start early. But in India, there are no playgrounds, stadiums for public use. We does not even have a world class badminton stadium. Athletes who are training at the sports authority of India if got injured are insured for Rs. 150. So, how do we can expect to groom talent without facilities? India needs huge investment in infrastructure, a dedicated programme and then creating opportunities for athletes to participate in global events. Unless that happens, in spite of the best efforts athletes will keep returning without medals. The entire system needs overhauled. 

India’s performance in Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016,  was held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 119(approx),  Indian players went there but only 2(women) players got medals. Most players don’t even achieved their qualifying levels. What was the reason that only 2 players got medals?  It occurred because of lack willingness  of players, strategy and our sports infrastructure. Want of popularity and lime-light.  To be demotivated… Read more →

Performance of India at Rio Olympics 2016

Performance of India at Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio Olympics 2016 was held in Brazil from 5th August to 21st August 2016. More than 11,000 athletes from 207 National Olympic Committees took part in which India managed to bag only 2 medal. For fans in India one of the world’s most populous nation and fastest growing economies “the event is an exercise in despair.” In India people… Read more →

Rio olympics 2016

RIO OLYMPICS 2016,also known as summer Olympics 2016 this time was held in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. The games were scheduled from Aug5,2016 to Aug21,2016. Some of the imp facts that came into notice during the schedule time are:- On each day 60000 meals were prepared. Largest security system was assembled in brazil history. Golf and Rugby sevens  games was reintroduced…. Read more →

india’s ,rehabilitation or performance in rio Olympic

Olympic where all sportsperson of the all country of this world wants to win medal here, For India , the Rio Olympic 2016 may not have fared as well as it did in the 2012 London Olympic, but there were many athletics who impressed with their performance, but the Rio games made it abundantly clear to the people of India . That more infrastructure and… Read more →


31st Olympics at Rio de Janerio in the city of Brazil was mesmerizing for girls.For the first time ever  India had send more than 100sportsperson. India managed to send 118 players for 66events and 15sports to compete against 206 countries. The indian contigent led by Abhinav Bindra.The outcome we get from olympics is not satisfied.India had won only 2medals of total . As we see the performance of Indian players, it is amazing at few seen and disappointment at many fields.The daughters of india P.V SINDHU,SAKSHI MALIK,and DEEPA KARMAKAR had shown a encouraging game at Rio.India had won only 2medals perhaps the government is not giving their best for sports.When first time India participated in olympics in 1900s .Only  oneplayer had participated who won 2 silver medals and now at present after 116yrs, India is still there in olympic getting only 2medals which is shame .On the other hand players are not even matching their qualify marks and try to hide their loss by  blaming the goverment and their destiny too but as we look upon the past. The Indian hockey team won 6 consecutive olympic medal between 1928 -1956.That era totally different from today. Apart from government and players the perspective  of people also responsible for this mess.Dipa Karmakar a gymnast said in her interview that the people of her own area think that she is working in a circus, which is disgusting. To curb all this problem, government or common people can run a campaign where they can told the importance of sports and their benefits and motivate people to play hard. Opening sports academy where the people who cannot afford can show their sports strength and the best coaches who can find their potential so that India future will be bright in olympic.

Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 Recently Rio Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil From 5 August to 21 August 2016 in which more than 11000 athletes from 207 National Olympics Committees were participated including first time participants from  Kosovo,South Sudan and the Refugee Olympics team also tooks part.  As we all are know that India only won two medal one bronze… Read more →

rio olmpic

acoding to me both are responsible for this but govt is more responsible for this as compre athletes because firstly they dnr have particular fund for the olympic. no awareness amoong sports  & in uk they have 4 time better funding  that of india. shamefull thing that they only insurance of 150Rs of any injured athelete.. lack of winning spirit… Read more →

Rio Olympic 2016

Introduction of Olympics – The  2016 Summer Olympics  Officaly known as the Games of the olympaid and branded and commonly known as RIO 2016,was a major International multisport event held in Rio de Janeiro,brazil,from 5 August to 21 August 2016. More than 11,000 athletes from 207 National Olympics Committees,including first time entrants kosovo,south sudan,and the Refugee Olympics Team,took part.with 306… Read more →

Rio Olympics 2016

Introduction – The 2016 Olympic Games will kick-start in Rio de Janeiro on 5 August. The 28th edition of the Games will see 10,500 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees, including nations like Kosovo and South Sudan, who will make their debut. The contingents from these nations will compete for 306 sets of medals, in 28 Olympic sports. But the… Read more →

Performance of India in RIO Olympic 2016

Performance of India in RIO Olympic 2016

 The 2016 summer Olympics officially known as the games of the XXX1 Olympiad and branded and commonly known as Rio 2016 was a major international  multi sport event held in Rio DE Jenerio ,Brazil from 5th to 21st August in which 207 nations was participated . The India association sent the nation largest over delegation a total of 118 players… Read more →



This year, Olympics was held in Rio De Jenerio named as Rio Olympics 2016 which started its ceremony from 5 august 2016 tand ended on 21 August 2016. Rio olympics was officially opened by vce president Michel Temer as acting president. Total 207 nations participated with full of energetic vibes including our nation India. 11,303 athletes were participants in this… Read more →


MY VIEWS ON INDIA’S PERFORMANCE IN RIO OLYMPICS India may not have fared as well as it did in the 2012 London Olympics,but there were many stand-out athletes who impressed with their performances.But the Rio Olympics  made it abundantly clear-not to just ignorant officials-but also to the people of India,that more infrastructure and investment is necessary for Indian sports persons…. Read more →

Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016

Introduction –  The 2016 Summer Olympics  commonly known as Rio 2016, was a major international sports event  held in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, started on  5 August and ended on 21 August 2016. More than 11,000 athletes from 207 National Olympic Committees , with 306 sets of medals, the games featured 28 Olympic sports  including rugby sevens and golf , which were added to the Olympic program in 2009.The opening… Read more →

ओलंपिक खेल अब मनोरंजन बन गया ,

ओलंपिक खेल  अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर आयोजित होने वाला एक ऐसा विराट मेला होता है जिसमें दुनियॉ के प्राय: सभी देशों के खिलाडी भाग लेते हैं इसका आयोजन प्रत्येक चार वर्ष के अंतराल में किया जाता है।  भारत 2016 के ग्रीष्मकालीन ओलंपिक रियो डी जनेरियो, ब्राज़िल, 5 से 21 अगस्त, 2016 मे पदक की होड़ मे है भारतीय एथलीटों ने 1920 ग्रीष्मकालीन ओलंपिक के बाद से हर ग्रीष्मकालीन ओलंपिक में भाग लिया है  रियो ओलंपिक में भारत का प्रदर्शन पिछली बार की तुलना में बेहद खराब रहा है.  हमें इस बार केवल एक सिल्वर और एक ब्रॉन्ज मेडल से संतोष करना पड़ा है. ऐसे में भारतीय दल के प्रदर्शन की समीक्षा करने के बजाय हम जश्न में डूबे हैं. पदक जीतने वाले खिलाड़ियों पर जैसे कुबेर मेहरबान हो गए हैं. सरकारों ने ऑफर्स की बरसात कर दी है.         भारत में क्रिकेट को छोड़ अन्य किसी खेल को ज्यादा महत्व नही मिलता है, जिससे दूसरे खेलों को स्पांसर मिलने में और उसके विकास में स्वाभाविक दिक्कत आती है. साथ-साथ लड़कियों को खेल से दूर रखना भी भारत में ओलंपिक लायक खिलाड़ी न उत्पन्न होने के बड़े कारणों में से एक है.  दीपा की बात करें तो उनके पास ट्रेनिंग करने के लिए जूते तक नही थे. मामला यहीं तक हो तो एक बात किन्तु, यदि अपने दम पर खिलाड़ी ओलिंपिक के लिए चुने भी जाते हैं और  पदक जीत भी लाये तो देश लौटने के बाद उनको दो दिनों का जश्न और  छुटकारा पा लिया जाता है, जबकि उसके बाद वे कहां गए, क्या कर रहे हैं, कैसे जीवन गुजार रहे हैं, इससे खेल संघों को कोई मतलब नही होता है. कई बार खिलाड़ी इतने बदहाल हो जाते हैं, कि उन्हें अपना पदक तक बेचना पड़ जाता है. ऐसा नहीं है कि उन खिलाड़ियों के लिए हमारा देश कुछ नहीं करता है, लेकिन जो सुविधाएं और पैसे खिलाड़ियों को मिलने चाहिए, उस पर अधिकारी मौज करते हैं और खिलाड़ी डर्टी खेल पॉलिटिक्स के चक्कर से दूर रहकर बदहाल ज़िन्दगी जीने को मजबूर हो जाते है। रियो ओलंपिक में खराब प्रदर्शन की कहानी अब आगे में न दोहराई जाए इसके लिए प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने एक स्पेशल टास्क फोर्स गठित करने का ऐलान किया है. यह टास्क फोर्स टोक्यो में होने वाले अगले ओलंपिक की तैयारियों पर भी नजर रखेगी और खिलाड़ि‍यों को ज्यादा से ज्यादा मेडल लाने के लिए रणनीति बनाएगी. भारत में खिलाडिंयो की आॊथिक हालत कुछ खास़ नहीं है जिस कारण भारत देश खेल में बहुत पिछे है भारत सरकार को खिलाङियो को जीत हासिल कराने के लिए सभी पृकार के उपकरण देने चाहिए तथा भारत सरकार को खिलाङियो को पुस्कार के साथ-साथ खिलाङियो को हर माह वेतन उपलब्ध कराना चाहिए जिस कारण भारत के खिलाङियो का उत्साह बढेंगा और उनकी सि्थिति भी अच्छी होगी सरकार को उनके लिए कोचिंग सेन्टर व अन्य ऐसी सस्थाऍं खोलनी चाहिए जिससे खिलाङियो का मनोबल ऊचाँ ऊठ सके!!!         धन्यवाद                         Raj Bala                         1617045                          UGMC


The year 2016.The summer olympics which was held in rio de janeiro, brazil in 2016..The olympic games started from 5th august to 21 august 2016..It was the 28th edition of the summer games.It was the first oylmpics event to be held in south america..Rio oylmpic began with lots of hopes because 118 athletes participate from india in rio oylmpics..But there… Read more →

Rio Olympic 2016

                         Introduction                            The summer olympic of xxxI olympiad will be held in Riode Janeiro,Brazil in 2016. It will be the 28th edition of the summer olympic which was first orgamised in     1896. Never before… Read more →

Performance of India in rio Olympics 2016

Introduction – So India had been participate in the Olympics in 1990 and has won only 26 medals total  India at Olympics  So basically it’s like india’s not able to win on an average 2 medals in an Olympics  BODY (FACTS)- to my opinion both a reason to failure to rio Olympics government  & athletes to  GOVERNMENT – government not… Read more →


INTRODUCTION:- The  xxxi Summer Olympics was held on RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL in 2016. It was first organised in 1896. This was the 28th edition of the summer games. On South America, never ever was held the Summer Olympics game before. The Olympic game was held from August 5- 21 2016. Nation’s largest delegation had participated the last Summer Olympics,… Read more →

India’s performance in Olympic 2016

Introduction So India had beenparticipating in the Olympics since 1900 and has won only 26 medals total. INDIA at Olympics. So basically its like India is not able to grab on an average 2 medals in an Olympic.   Body (Facts) I think both athletes and government are responsible in poor performance of India in Olympics 2016. Government  The government… Read more →

Performance of India in Olympics 2016

   India competed at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro , Brazil, from 5 to 21 August 2016.  INDIA returned with a silver and a bronze from the Olympic Games in Rio, both achieved with barely three days left for the competition to end. But not many recall that the contingent could have claimed a medal on just the second day of the… Read more →



                                                                                      RIO OLYMPICS         The biggest sports event on earth          This… Read more →

India in Rio Olympics 2016

India in Rio Olympics 2016

INTRODUCTION :- India competed at the 2016 summer olympics in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, from 5th to 21st august 2016. Indian athletes have appeared in every edition of the summer olympics since 1920, they had their official debut at the summer Olympics in Paris. The Indian Olympic Association sent the nation’s  largest ever representatives in summer Olympic history. Out of… Read more →

Performance of India in rio Olympics 2016

The 2016 summer Olympics was held in Rio de janerio ,Brazil from 5th august to 21st august in which 207 nations was participated. The India. Association sent the nations largest ever delegation , a total of 118 players for Olympics . As we all know the performance of India is not good in this Olympics so who is responsible for… Read more →

performance of india in rio olympic 2016

The 2016 summer olympics officially known as the games of the xxx1 Olympaid and branded and commonly known as rio 2016 was a major international multi sport event held in rio de jenerio,brazil from 5aug to 21 Aug 2016 more than 11000 athletes from 207 national olympic committess.players and government both are responsible for bad performance in olympic.even players don’t give their… Read more →

Rio olympics 2016

Rio olympics 2016

The Olympics 2016 were held in Rio De Janerio in Brazil,opening ceremony was held on 5 August 2016 and closing ceremony was on 21 August 2016. This time the motto was “A new world”. Nation participating were 207 therefore the athletes were about 11,303. United States topped the medal table for the fifth time in the past six summer olympics… Read more →

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