Female Foeticide

Just Like a swift breeze, 
A new creature bleed. 
Spending 9 months in a pack, 
It got everything to eat, cry kick. 
But the creature is now out,
Is ready to see the world !
Oh god!  It’s a girl,
Her mother conveyed.
Some were happy, some were gone, 
While some were just closing eyes. 
She didn’t knew what to do, 
That small bird started to chirp loud.
Crying girl was held up into the arms, 
Neither to make her stop crying, 
nor to give her hug, 
And definitely not for the show, 
In a fraction of the second, 
Her eyes was out, flesh tored apart. 
There she was meeting her Maker again, 
Just to ask a simple question, 
the world he talked about needs correction, 
The world you say crave for a child, 
But there are many conditions applied. 
They crave for a child, 
from accidentally matured Women. 
My Dear ! God in shame, 
I created a world making all same, 
But they are mere distracted by something,  
Something big enough to cloud their senses,
The girl child screamed, 
Stop taking the sides of your monsters, 
Monsters you created to punish, 
Infants like us, Hence shame on Creators.
Stop Female foeticide !
  UGMC (1617024)

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