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Changes I wish to see in the world

What will happen if ‘respect’ and ‘humanity’ are suddenly regarded momentous and people starts following it religiously? How would  be the life, when respect and humanity would be established by every individual in the world?  Envisage the way PM Modi unexpectedly declared ‘notebandi’ throughout the nation, one day God declares respect and humanity as theonly religion that can be followed… Read more →


Transgender people are individuals of any age or sex whose appearance, personal characteristics or behavior differ from how man and women are ‘Supposed’ to be transgender people have existed in the every culture race and class since the story of humans life has been recorded. The contemporary term ‘Transgender’ arose in 1990s from the grass roots community of gender-different people. … Read more →

सपनो की जीत

‘‘क्या पता था आगे बढने कि आस अधूरी रह जाएगी लोगो कि नजर सिर्फ शरीर के जख्म देख पाएगी जो गुनाह किया किसी और ने उसकी सजा मुझे मिल जाएगी सपने पुरे करने कि आजादी भी छीन जाएगी ‘‘ दिल्ली में और पुरे भारत मे बढते रैप कैस मानवता की हर सीमा पार कर चुकी है आप सुबह का अखबार… Read more →



I wish to see a metrical society where women have the full authority to take their decision without intruption of men. Where they have the power of being head of the family including civil system in which one inherits property through female line.


The change I wish to see in the world in the year 2018 is the way women view and treat each other. I want to see us supporting and lifting each other up. In a world which benefits from our self doubt and encourages us too see fellow women as competitors, it is rebellious and fruitful for us to stand… Read more →

Be the change if you want the change

Be the change if you want the change

We live in a world of masquerades . With no one showing their true selves, it’s easy to think that the advice you receive is based on experience, when most often it’s not. The truth is–most people would rather tell people what to do rather than follow their own advice. My message to the world is to practice what you… Read more →


One Year, One Month, One Day How far have you delayed? Few are deprived, few are naïve. The gift of education is only in the hands of great. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela The world is competitive, and in this growing competitive environment, it is must for all… Read more →

Wanderlust with foodie’s traits!

Firstly, let me tell you about myself I am a child of strict middle class family who expects me to save money for future problems (which may or may not arrive) and out of blue moon I am a carefree kid of my saving account parents. I will not think of   how much money I am spending on food, it… Read more →

The change I want to see in the world?

Of course, it is very clear for everybody to know what the miracle I want to see. Yes, you got me correct Ladies and Gentlemen! The change I want to see in the world is that travelling and food gets free across the world. I imagine this day and night and come let’s imagine this together. It will be fun,… Read more →


The change I think we all want to see in the world in upcoming year is that nothing should be considered taboo. And nothing taboo should exist. In literal terms Taboo means “a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place or thing. And now days Taboo is the major… Read more →

Time to Change the Mentality

2017 was the year of many changes. Some of them were good which lead to many major developments like the Supreme Courts judgment on Right to Privacy, but there (are things that would still need to change at the society level that can bring a major difference in the life of many people. One such thing is the how people… Read more →


Jis  dharti  pe  janam  liya Usko hi sharminda   kiya Hindu Muslim  Sikh  Esaai Kah   kr  sabko  alag  kiya… Kahne  ko  to  sab  insaan  h Pr  dharm  k  naam  pr  barbaad  h Jaat   paat  or  ladaai  jhagda Har   jagah  bs  yahi  bakhaan  h… Mitti   ki saundhi  khushboo   ko Lahu  k  rang  se  laal  kiya Paida  hue  the to  ek  hi  naam … Read more →

Reduce crime

 The change I want to see in the next year reduces the crime rate especially crime like rape many cases are pending in the supreme court and many victims do not even go to police because of society so, firstly they should go to police for their security .they should not fear from anybody all persons have a right to… Read more →

Change I want to see in the world next year

Change I want to see in the world next year

The change I want to see in the world next year is To control terrorism attack so that to secure peace in the world. Because of rising of many terror attacks many innocent people were being killed and lost their families. It’s a big issue in the world.  Many terrorist attack only to fulfill their need for the government. They… Read more →


             Trees produce oxygen that is the lifeline of all living the hot summer, we usually plan trips in the hilly areas.But if the rate of cutting Trees remains same then we don’t have enough trees to plan a trip, seasonal raining and amount of fresh oxygen will no longer be available.Trees help to… Read more →

Superstition is a huge curse

Superstition is a huge curse

I don’t want to make a change that just remains for a day or for a year.I want to make a change that changes mindsets of people and society..and these changes should not be so huge but just a small steps for the change….Superstition is a huge curse for our society ..and I want to remove this curse by just… Read more →

Racism as a world problem

Racism is one of the world’s major issues today. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in our school’s workforces, and anywhere else where social lives are occurring. It is obvious that racism is bad as it was many decades ago but it sure has not gone away. Racism very much exists and it is about… Read more →


“अगर उपवास करके भगवान खुश होते, तो इस दुनिया में बहुत दिनों  तक, खाली पेट रहनेवाले भिखारी सबसे सुखी इंसान होता, उपवास अन्न का नहीं विचारो का करे, इंसान खुद की नज़र में सही होना चाहिए, दुनिया तो, भगवन से भी दुखी है!  अंधविस्वास पर विश्वास मत करो सफलता अपने कर्मो से मिलती है!

The 2Fs “Forgive and Forget”

If we wish to see the change in world we need to change ourselves first changing the world begins within. The change I wish to see in the world is “FORGIVE AND FORGET” We want everyone to love us looks after us, makes us happy We expect a lot but The expectations start within. We all should have enough surrender… Read more →

Reduce animal exploitation

We should reduce animal exploitation;    first, we can refuse to buy the products of companies that profit from animal cruelty becomes a vegetarian. if you can’t do that buy only locally produced, free-range meats from small farms whose owners you know personally we should control on egg reproduction because many persons inject the hens and force then for produce… Read more →

Women safety

 There is an unspoken war on the streets. Young school and college going girls use books to shield themselves, other women wear full – covered attire to protect their bodies, and others avoid the mere glance of the loving gaze.

Male chauvinism

 The change I want to see in the world for next year is the reduction in male chauvinism male prejudice against women; the belief that men superior in terms of ability, intelligence, etc. ‘in different parts of the world, male chauvinism in different degrees have led to gender injustice. 

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