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        The topic “women equality” is a burning issue all over the world. India is a place where women’s are worshipped as godesses and now it has became a country where those women’s are brutually raped,beaten up and tortured. No matter how civilized our society gets but still there is a huge propotion of people who think that women’s should stay at home instead of offices,work in kitchen with utensils instead of working at offices with computers.

       So as to empower and uplift the status of women’s in the society we need to give them respect and equal opportunities in the society. Active participation of women in economic activities and decisions,which contribute towards overall economic development. 
      But because of inherent superiority complex among males they often doesn’t allow female counter-part to rise as high as them. Except this, In our society the boy child often get a preference for education and healthy diet over the girl child. Preference of male child still exist in our society. 
        Therefore, education through mass communication is very important for  both women and men should be made aware of their responsibilities to promote and practice gender equality. The society should be made aware that both boy child and girl child are equal, and they both should have equal access to resources. 

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