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Advance diploma in video editing, still photography in Delhi

Equipment & Setup

IMAC offers a well equipped platform to it’s students supported by the latest equipments to offer the best possible quality. For indoor and outdoor productions we have ample of equipments:

Editing Suits

Mac Pro 2 Editing
Mac Book 2 Editing
I-Mac 4 Editing


Video Cameras

Sony PD170 Camera 2 Cinematography
Canon 60D 1 Still Photography
Sony Handy Cam 3 Cinematography
Canon 7D 1 Cinematography


DSLR Cameras

Sony Alpha 100 2 Still Photography
Canon 50D 1 Still Photography
Canon 60D 1 Still Photography
Nikkon D90 1 Still Photography


Normal Lens 4 Lens (18 – 55)
Wide Angle Lens 1 Lens (18 – 25)
Prime Lens 2 Lens (50 MM)
Zoom Lens 4 Lens (70 – 300)


Audio/Sound Editing

Sound Mixer 1 Sound Mixing
Microphone 3 Sound Recording
Sound Monitor 1 Sound Mixing
Sound Card 2 Sound Recording/Mixing
Pinoneer Audio 1 Sound Recording/Mixing
Boom Mic 4 Sound Recording
Lapel Mic 2 Sound Recording
5.1 Home Theater 2 Sound Mixing & Testing
Digital Sampler 1 Compact Disc
Bosch Amplifier 2 Sound Mixing
Samsung Audio System 1 Sound Mixing
Monitors 2 Denon


Light Setup

Softy 4 1.5 KVA
Reflector 2 as per industry specifications
Multi 10/20 4 as per industry specifications
Spot Light 2 as per industry specifications
HMI 2 as per industry specifications



Manfrotto Video camera Tripod 1 Video
Manfrotto Still camera Tripod 1 Still
Still Camera Tri-Pod 1 Still


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