Media Center – IMAC is committed to providing it’s students with the best possible facilities to support them in their studies. With the well furnished Classrooms, LCD projector and state of – the art quality Equipments, Here we offers the students a professional and interactive environment to enhance their skills in their desired careers. - Infrastructure
To make learning easier center provides modern facilities like – Multi Cam Setup, Audio Lab with latest hi-tech recording equipments along with the mixture to provide full understanding from the initial visualization to the broadcasting of programme. A Video Lab with high definition cameras for indoor and outdoor shooting. Media Center – IMAC has an Editing Lab equipped with latest machines to provide practical training to the students. A Research Room cum library with books, journals, magazines and newspapers are available to students for enriching their knowledge.

STUDIOS - Studio
Our studios are equipped with advanced machines and high end lights for various production activities. We provide our students with the best possible facilities to support them in their studies.


Sound Studio
A well equipped sound proof studio and latest software/hardware like Sound Mixers, Console, Microphones etc. We provide best suited professional atmosphere to our students. These facilities allow the students to enhance their skills in audio production and radio anchoring. It also allows the students to produce live and recorded radio programs.

News Room

News Room
The Institute has its own newsroom with a modern ambience and facilities comparable with the finest in the industry. It is equipped with latest cameras and a teleprompter, to deliver flawless news casting with the advanced techniques.

Video Lab - Video L
With the finest digital video cameras, component monitors, gun microphones and excellent lighting facilities necessary for quality shoots. Media Center – IMAC provides professional and live working atmosphere.

Editing Lab - Editing Lab
Having built our own sophisticated editing studio equipped with the latest non-linear editing suits, digital video recorders, microphones, headphones, etc. The institute has all the facilities necessary to train its students for the video editing skills.

Computer Lab - Computer Lab
We have well equipped computer lab with 30 desktop having latest configurations along with internet. Students regularly use the computer labs for their research work & for preparing their projects.

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