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                                                            WOMEN EMPOWERMENT 

I may not hope for outward forms to win .The passion and the life , whose fountains are within,alluding to the famous lines of Colerideg which potray my personality as well as my innerself. The topic not only depicts my vibrant inner voice but also the revolutionary change required and the need of the hour ,”WOMEN EMPOWERMENT .” In simple words it is basically the creation of an environment where women can make independent decisions on their personal development and shine equally in the society.
Now reflecting upon the women empowerment around us we can have a look at the maid who comes to our homes for domestic help. She she is being empowered,she earns, she is independent.Similarly, a girl from a socially backward class when rises and works , she bangs a position for herself .
Its fire in my eyes,
and the flash in my teeth.
The swing in my waist,
and the joy in my feet..
I am a woman 
Phenomenal woman 
Thats me.
These lines by Maya Angelon , displays the yearning of the women to rise and empower herself in the society.Though, there are several challenges plaguing the issues of women’s right in India, it is we who can eradicate gender discrimination and bring about change in the society for their betterment. Education can play an important role in this context.
Hence,efforts need to be made to help the women revel her glory and help our country to progress.Thus,with an optimist note by Swami Vivekanand ,I give myself a halt.
                             “Arise away and stop not until the goal is reached.”

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