Shiverish are the days which gloom with in human and emmity,all it needs is a spark to enlive the soul of festivity..country of diversity,labs of lords,nation of farmer are a few of the names among other synonyms of india,but the only name,which is redefined year and again is the country of festivals, and the highly celebrated festival among hundreds of them is diwali for which the nation is globally recognises days of swach bharat mission shopping for family, sweets,lighting diyas, twinkling lights and you are all set to toast the celebration of the year..wait!, are we missing here something? yes, the people pfcoutse .how could we!..

It was an exhausting evening when the creeping autorickshaw carrying me just stuck somewhere and after minute of ignorance the dam of silence broke , ” bhaiya,chalo jaldi! Ghar jaake safai krni hai!” a lady next to ne uttered and i was like does she is freaking out..then after a few second of ponderence, i got  clicked “oh man ! its three days from diwali”.. gone are the days when the preparation of any festival, even naag panchmi used to pop up on the streets before month..neither those diyas of muddy smell nor the white washing smell are available anymore on the streets of town..they only come for a formal hello hi just before three to four days from diwali…
Even people react quite awkward these days..if in content to ten year eariler when people were”wow! Its diwali!” and today in the very contemporary society where citizens are,okay,its diwali..the people are same,the tradition are same, so are the festival but meaning have changed or can say evolved may be in a were way .earlier happy diwali meant togtherness, exitement, expressions but today they are nothing more then expenditure, fake formalities and finanical impression..
Everything in the world be it god, education or be your love interest is divided according to class..if someones having kaju katli at diwali, its not necessary his neighbour would be affording the same sweet..some people make festival by brusting crackers,some celebrate by selling crackers and some get the most festive feeling by manufacturing crackers with their bare hands…our celebration depends on the weight of our very own wallet..a day before the hindu  new year, just another synonym of diwali, i was out on the streets clicking picture of markets and vendors, after almost half an hour later,..i met a tried, hopeless and underwhlmed old lady sitting with her daughter or daughter in law selling some colourfull and glittering hanging for diwali decoration siting on the side of a road on a jute bag with her hanging an that muddy and dusty road..inspite of being in a crowdy and conjusted market her area was all empty, not any even a single person was intrrested to at least have a look at her things..the brighteness of other colourful stalls somewhere dimmed her smile which would have recovered if had she sold some sufficient stock..when i approached towards her  eyes gleamed with an instant spark of some hope but that spark was soon extingushed out when it bumped on hrr ears that all i want was a photograph…on my way to home, the only thing ruling and pitying my head was, i wish i had some money!!.
Atleast one thing was clean,” every diwali is not happy”..

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