The  xxxi Summer Olympics was held on RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL in 2016. It was first organised in 1896. This was the 28th edition of the summer games. On South America, never ever was held the Summer Olympics game before. The Olympic game was held from August 5- 21 2016. Nation’s largest delegation had participated the last Summer Olympics, a total of 117 Indian Athletes, where 34 larger then their previous record of 83 athletes in 2012. Indian Athletes have appeared in every edition of the Summer Olympics since 1920, but this time, the result of India was not so good.
There were 306 events in 28 sports. It took place in MARACANA STADIUM. In my opinion long term planning is needed for overall improvement. There is the mistake of Government as well as participants.The infrastructure level and all those things needed for participants in Summer Olympics, Government was not able to fulfill.India can’t win a medal at the Olympics unless the entire system is overhauled. The other point is that, the participants who use to get injured  in the Olympics, only get an insurance of RS.150. This is not fare to the participants. When they have no future after getting injured, then why anyone will put their life in danger? But it’s another thing that they are suppose to when they are participating for our country. And ya, of course, there is the mistake of participants also. In 1960, when  Mr Milkha Singh became the first Indian to come close to an Olympic medal, on that time the infrastructure level was zero. As well as at the time of Ms P.T.Usha. 24 years ago the Indian story of Olympics actually look some mathematical sequence.  Ms P.T.Usha entered the finals of the 400 hurdles at the Los Angeles Olympics.  The point to be noted is, that time also the infrastructure level was zero.  This year only Ms Lalita Babar became the first Indian Athlete to run in a track after 30 years.  The other thing which made all of us sad is Mr Yogeshwar Dutt, the 2012 medalist, got knocked out in the 1st round itself.  In every sport, the same story was repeated,   whether it is Shooting, Wrestling  or  Boxing.  These all used to be India’s joy and hope till a few years ago.  This year except some cases all of them performed a way below expectations.  Except for a few individuals, the India contingent at Olympics sticks to the story that began before Independence : Go, Participate, Lose, Return and Disappear in to anonymity. Only Ms P.V.Sindhu got “Silver” in Badminton.  And Ms Sakshi Malik got “Bronze” in Wrestling.  One thing which we can feel proud is Ms Deepa Karmakar became the 1st Indian Woman Gymnast to qualify for
the Olympic in 3 apparatus and all around events.
Now my question is,why did India manage only two medals out of a population of over a billion people? The Government The Sports Ministry is the primary culprit of India’s poor performance. But not only Government the participant’s are also equally blamed. Because when they had already known that the infrastructure is not good and the Government is not doing anything as per their assumption, they should have put effort from their own side because it’s not the  case of their individual competition, it’s the case of our country-India. The money that Government spends to build up or develop the Cricket Stadium or Practicing places they should have also spend some money for building up the practicing spaces and for the convinience of participants also. Now, let us assume India cannot afford expenditures. Then from where did RS.10.5 crore cash prize come for Ms P.V. Sindhu? I agree that she deserves every paisa for her diligent hard work. But this attitude of the Indian Government and celebrities to give “bakshish” to only the players if they win needs to be addressed. Why not collect all this money and invest before the Olympics and generate more winners? Carelessness is another quality that can be attributed to the Indian officials. Because the full marathon runner Ms O.P. Jisha collapsed at the finishing line and regained consciousness after three hours as there were no officials with water refreshments.Whereas this to be set up at every 2.5 kms by the athletes respective country. In my opinion, the Government should create an Olympic Committee consisting of retired players and coaches for all walks of the games so that in future our country- India should not head down in front of any other countries..   

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