Performance of India in rio Olympics 2016

Introduction –

So India had been participate in the Olympics in 1990 and has won only 26 medals total 
India at Olympics 
So basically it’s like india’s not able to win on an average 2 medals in an Olympics 
to my opinion both a reason to failure to rio Olympics government  & athletes to 
government not provide to good infrastructure to athletes. We don’t have good infrastructure for a sportsperson and lacking facilities to player’s to improve they skills .government should take care coaches select player not a money background but they abilities and they good performance base .
player like mirabai chanu they have national record to weight lifting 192kg just couple of months they select to trial partiala. but the Olympic they only lift the 82kg in snact segments .wahyunia agustin winby medal to 192kg in Olympic 
To my point of view government should take care to player’s performance. Not only focus on cricket, hockey,chess but should take a responsibility to all games that the next Olympic our player won more medal .and proudly I say that our India is best in all field  

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