Rio Olympic 2016

                         Introduction                            The summer olympic of xxxI olympiad will be held in Riode Janeiro,Brazil in 2016. It will be the 28th edition of the summer olympic which was first orgamised in     1896. Never before were olympic  games were held in South America. The olympic start 5 August 2016 and end at 21 August 2016          


 The rio olympic summer games was held in winter because in Brazil the winter start last for june  to end of August .The first time the game was hosted by south america .Last for four years the modern games hosted in athens , Greece , the birth place of the olympic . Two sports are join inthis year:-golf, rugby sevens . The opening ceremony ticket was very expensive . Rio olympic opening ceremony budget is 10 times less than total spent on london 2012.                                              Conclusion     
In olympic 11000 atheletes competing from 207 countries in 28 kinds of sports was an intresting . Tributes were also paid to legendary artist and  landscape designer Ropertor Bule Marx and at the end . But india not well play in olympic because its govet. mistake that 117 indian athlete  but govt. gave only 150 cr. Its not enough for  athlete .At next time in future our country india should not head down in front of other country .                        

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