India’s performance in Olympic 2016


So India had beenparticipating in the Olympics since 1900 and has won only 26 medals total.
INDIA at Olympics.
So basically its like India is not able to grab on an average 2 medals in an Olympic.
Body (Facts)
I think both athletes and government are responsible in poor performance of India in Olympics 2016.
The government is the biggest reason for India’s
failure at Rio Olympics. The government didn’t support
their athletes, and we all know how much black money
is in our nation. We don’t have good infrastructure for a
sportsperson. How can we expect our sportsman win
medals for this nation at the Olympics? This country is
lacking in infrastructure; government should take care
about thisIn India, the coach selects
the players which they like, Irrespective of their talent.And this thing leaves talented athlete on the bench and
in the end they give up their dream to win medals at
Olympics due to Politics.
India returned with a silver and a broze from the Olympic games in Rio.Both achieved with barely three days left for the competition to end.But not many recall that the contingent could have claimed a medal on just the second day of the competition.
                                                        In the 48kg women’s weightlifting category,Mirabai Chanu had stepped on to the dais with a total lift of 192kg behind her,a national record achieved just a couple of months before at the selection trials in Patiala.But in Rio,Chanu managed just a single clean lift of 82kg in the snatch segment.The silver in Rio went to Indonesia’s Wahyuni Agustiani she lifted 192kg.
The result was symptomatic of India’s performance at the 2016 Olympic games.
India does well in specific sports,like cricket,chess,tennis only.While rest of the games are not promoted so that people would participate in other sports too.While India has a vast population of 1.3 billion but hardly we manage to grab a medal because we participate in much obvious games which already have a great competition while we don’t have people going for all the sports.Lately I heard about many athletes who are doing a part time job and as well as practicing,now how would you think that they would be able to compete with the other countries athletes who prepare for a particular sports since childhood. Why would people put all their efforts for 4 years without having a reliable source of income for living.These people don’t get any allowances for their livehood,so they don’t prefer this field.A country with over a billion people can surely, and should, win more than a handful of medals. The underlying problems are known, but concrete action must be taken to fix the issues. Even a prime minister like Narendra Modi, who likes to shed light on many of India’s issues, like sanitation, that were previously taboo, doesn’t seem to strongly prioritize sports.

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