Girl Child

Girl Child

We are citizen of free India.we boast of equal rights for all man and woman,but the facts are fare from rcolity.Even today we have many communities in India which do not welcome the birth of girl child.They were sad faces of at birth of a girl child while male child is welcome with great joy.This is because they are still… Read more →

Girls Are On It’s Own

Girls are on its own; They live in their zone; Saraswati, Durga, and Laxmi, people worship them from their soul; But forgot to protect women,when something went wrong; Girls are on its own; They live in their zone…..

India’s performance in Olympic 2016

Introduction So India had beenparticipating in the Olympics since 1900 and has won only 26 medals total. INDIA at Olympics. So basically its like India is not able to grab on an average 2 medals in an Olympic.   Body (Facts) I think both athletes and government are responsible in poor performance of India in Olympics 2016. Government  The government… Read more →

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