Poverty a word we all are familiar with and always have
sweet & generous side of our lives for the poor.

As india’s population is increasing so does the poverty,but
at the same time if we look throughout the daily life eg’s ,  is it really increasing or is depicted in such
a way.

It is quite clear that many of us must come across a scene
where wee see healthy people begging for money , food specially in the
metropolitan cities.

People begging on traffic signals , metro stations &
heavily crowded markets , situations became worst when we see same person
having their fixed place to beg just like business setup. This is one side
which force us to believe that YES poverty is not poverty anymore , it has
becomehow to get money without doing hardwork. Even some cruel people kidnap
childrens & force them to beg for themselves , wondering that NO one can
deny a child.

But people exist who are in real need of money & food
,children begging who have lost their parents, mothers begging to give her
children atleast one time meal.

So , we can conclude poverty is not wholly fake but
sometimes it is not completely real too.

A visually handicapped person begging can be taken as
poverty ,but someone who is being gifted                       2 hands ,2 legs ,eyes
,ears ,nose & mouth by god that person is poor but not in terms of money
but in terms of hardwork because he is compiled of laziness & want to get
rid of their responsibilities.

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