Cause life is perfect ;)

Muskan jhuti hai…peechan jhuti hai…
Rangeeli h chaiii phir bhi hai tanhai.. 
Kuch Annkehi baat insaan ko andar se khatam kardeta hai….🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓
At the past, one time we all have relatives and made friends and trusted them as a god to your words…. But they gradually acted like a drug and killed you from inside… 🔪
And there are also the chances when you have shared your miseries, pain with someone who is completely strange to you….😇 They start  living a new relationship and people who left them starts get jealous 😪😒😏
They will try  to compel your weakness , and suck your blood but always remember….
“Life is about the incidents in order to make it perfect and incidents are those memories which makes us perfect” 💐
Keep living a happy life cause your haters will going to drag you down with their claws …
Life is full of evil vampires who sucks your freedom but there are always witches who maintain the balance of environment and protects as well as encourages human to live a  happy , adventurous life ❤ 
Keep loving , be yourself and live your Zindagi…😘❤🙈

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