Diwali experience

**Happy diwali **……………. ->Diwali is definitely one of my favourite times of the year for a number of reasons, “The weather, The festivities, The amazing food, The beautiful display of lights, but mostly The time we can enjoy with our Family and Friends.” Taking place in October or November depending on the Indian calendar, the weather is just turning cool and the holiday feel is already creeping up on everyone when “the Festival of Lights” rolls around.🙂wear new clothes, put mehndi, visit temple during the early hours in the morning…Then we prepare some sweets and some other yummy snacks. Then in the evening we exchange gifts and cards. We light oil diyas and lamps, candles and put rangolis. Rangoli is a tradition in which colored powders and rice are used to make different designs on the ground. I love decorating my house with so many lights…I light up my house with so many diyas and candles.🙂 Then later in the evening we start our Lakshmi aur Ganesh Pooja🙂and pray to god. & Then after pooja, finally we burst crackers..I live it very much! I wish time would tick slowly. But really this year my Diwali was wonderful. I really enjoyed it!😀

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