Unexplored Gems in North-East India



Now days even travelling is becoming hectic as because all
people just want to take a break and wander somewhere. And those somewhere
places are fixed, and all people go there. Now a days North-Eastern India is
becoming a very famous tourist attraction. People use to go there for peace,
but now when all people started going there it also became full of chaos like
other places. But don’t worry I’m going to tell you 3 places in North eastern
India which are still unexplored and you can find peace there. Before it also
became a tourist attraction and full of chaos, go and have a peaceful ride




Number one is
– Floating park of Manipur

 Keibul Lamjao on Lotak
Lake, Manipur

Keibul Lamjao National Park is a national park in Bishnupur
district of the state Manipur in India. It is 40kmin area, the only floating park in the
world, located north east India, and an integral part of Loktak Lake which is
the largest fresh water lake in northeast India famous for phumdis (hetrogenous
mass of vegetation soil and organic matter at various stages of decomposition)
floating over it.

Yes! This does sound cool. Not even that you can find here
many beautiful endangered species roaming around. And han very beautiful

Park is the last natural refuge of the endangered Sangai
(state animal), Recervus eldii eldii or Manipur brown – antlered deer. Even it
is a living place for many more species like many deer, tiger, variety of local
bird, leopard, panther and much ore animals.

As Keibul Lamjao is the only floating park in the world so it
is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Its care is taken by the government
organisations, and they will act as a guide for you in the park a for the
safety of park and even of you.

So go ahead book your tickets and enjoy your ride there.



Number two is
– 4th longest Cave of India in Meghalaya

Krem Mawmluh cave, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

It is the 4th longest cave in India. Main
enterance of this famous cave is located at the bottom of the western flank of
Lum Lawbah

Enterance can be easily found by following the river behind
the cements work of the Mawmulah Cherra Cements Limited, downstream for about
200metres to a point where the river disappears ground. And ther’s start the
cave. The ground of the cave is slippery but there will be local guides
available. Even inside cave you can find lakes which is so beautiful.

The cave is located half a km to the west of Cherrapunjee.

Going there really calms your mind and it is the perfect
place to re-boost your energy after you are tired of your daily routine boring



Number 3 is –
First green village of India in Nagaland


Khonoma, Nagaland

Angami Naga village which is located about 20km west from the
capital, Kohima. Total population of the village is about 1943. And it is the first
green village of India.

There you can find beautiful monuments, buildings, beautiful
views. Like you can go there to Dzukou valley. Also there are craftsman and you
can enjoy their beautiful work. Also food there is so delicious. And also there
20 types of rice is grown on paddy terrace field.


These three places in North-East India are really a gem to
visit. You should go and try the beautiful adventurous experience there.

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