This story is inspired by true events. It is totally non fiction. It is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments. It’s a piece of hard reality.

Pheww..! I hate formalities, I mean what I just wrote above. So here I am with a whole new superhero story. Sounds exciting, I know..! So get ready to load your doped soul with hell lot of excitement and Adrenaline Rush. I would have loved to say that but it’s not that adrenalinally exciting. So here we go-
                             Once Upon A Time In a faraway land (well not that far away, nevermind) lived  a man possessing Supreme might and empowers master of great abilities but uses to veil his identity under a mask, and so is given the name, the MASK-MAN. Sure you wanna know who our protagonist is, who our hero is. Spoiling the suspense, I say that that hero is… is… you..!! You heard me, yeah its you, dear reader..! Now you would be wondering how on earth (kamaal karte ho Pandey ji..!)..? Stick with me.Tell me how do you start your day? Get up, get ready, have breakfast and leave the home with a smile on your fair & lovely face(trust me I haven’t been paid for any advertisement)..! Right..?? Wrong..!! Everyone of us is in a war no-other-one knows about and we don’t even want anyone to know about it, after all its our life..! Most of us preserve that kind of thinking but somewhere or other we are not that right. 
             The condition is called depression. I know it sounds very heavy and quite a neurological disorder but it is exactly what plays its role here. Depression is quiet and anyone, yeah, trust me, anyone can fall victim to it. Day & again most of us wear a fake smile irrespective of the fact that deep down inside the pumper(synonym of heart) is burdened with a hell lot of stress which we, the people, never talk to others about. If you are thinking,”hey, that’s exactly what I go through, and totally agree with this guy’s(that’s me) research..!” , well, then buddy welcome to the depressed squad. Not to worry if you are finding yourself a gullible victim to this brutal and cold-blooded depression, there’s always a way out. Remember what I told you, you are the hero of this story, the superhero and superheroes never fall, they are born to achieve greatness and so are you. 
              So back to the story, what does our mask-man do, much like a mask he hides it with a smile. Mask-man is so clever that nobody can detect his real crying face but only himself because disguising is easier than expressing. He spells the magical words out of his mouth like a wizard to save the city, he says,”I’m fine..!” and everyone believes his mighty. Our beloved Mask-man puts all his efforts to make others happy around  so that they don’t suspect his true identity. But not everyday the sun shines bright and in a stormy rain our hero gets his weak mask wet and it melts in water like a paper and our hero’s face is exposed, the long hidden truth is revealed, the breaking point has come. Mask-man, no more masked, feels ashamed in that very thundery rain and suddenly a hand to the hold of an ultra umbrella comes to shed knelt Mask-man, he looks up and feels content and soon discovers that helping hand is none other than another Mask-man. The another Mask-man reveals some unexplored truths of universe to our hero that there are millions of Mask-man out there fighting the rage of evil Dr. Depression(villain of the story). After the assurance of another Mask-man, our hero decides not to wear mask again in his life and will fight the rage of evil Dr. Depression TOGETHER. The another Mask-man also unveils,” There is love and support all around you. You are precious, you are loved, you are not alone. Have patience with all things but most importantly have patience with yourself. See every new day as an opportunity to grow. We’ll always be here, waiting for you..!” TO BE CONTINUED….
Will Mask-man get hold of another Mask-man’s word? Will he ever wear mask again? Will he be able to beat evil Dr. Depression..?
I wish I were a comic writer..! (sighs)

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