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  • It’s 01:50 sorry now 51 no 52. I actually like staying up so late because in these hours no body is expecting anything from me i could stare at the wall and there would be no consequences. Ok leave that. So finally 2017 arrived and here I wasted my first day of 2k17. You know the toughest part for me in a blog writing is to decide the topic. I don’t want to talk about demonetization or what was the collection of dangal , I know that we all heard about that. And i know we all had celebrated new year and talked about our new year resolutions also. So that’s why I was thinking for my topic from last two days……..but….I am still blank. I think I am very confused or may it’s happening because I am feeling quite low and the reason is that I have to get back to Delhi tomorrow. Actually I don’t want to go back, it’s quite early. I wish the college would remain close for one more week. Ok I know it’s not gonna happen….. But what’s bad in dreaming.
I still remember the day when I took admission, I was super excited that now I am going to start an independent life. There will be no one who is going to ask me that why I am going outside or when I will be back. And that’s the thing which I  wanted. But I was always unaware from my this side, and you know what I even got emotional .. ..(ssshhhh but don’t tell this to anyone ,it’s a secret…….)
But i am quite satisfied because I have experienced something new in me or perhaps I am getting closer to myself. I think that’s called life.. Ok now I am getting problem how to end this, otherwise it’s gonna change into a autobiography or some kind of life lesson blog…..
Yeah I know you must be thinking why were you reading it but i already said i have not anything to write on now I guess you have already wasted your time. 
Soo Happy new year. I wish your all dreams……would not complete at one time.. Come on otherwise you won’t find any reason to live long …right…
Keep going, Keep growing and start living from today because it’s never too late.

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