The change I want to see in the world?

Of course, it is very clear for everybody to know what the miracle I want to see. Yes, you got me correct Ladies and Gentlemen! The change I want to see in the world is that travelling and food gets free across the world. I imagine this day and night and come let’s imagine this together. It will be fun, I will not have to resist myself to see beautiful places and see delicious food because now I can have it all. Honestly, my life will be so easy. No more Indian middle class family drama, which makes me eat bottle gourd, spinach ridge gourd or brinjal. I will straight away walk into dominos or pizza hut and a pizza thus make my supper as tasty as I cannot now. And why just dominos or mac’d I can now go to 5 star hotels because food if absolutely free. And when we talk about travelling which pace or which street will be left untouched? I am explorer I tell you.
Now, just dive into my thoughts and take all the taste of food of every country and smell each and every street starting from Majeedhee Magu of Maldives to whole Mexico in North America.

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