I took inspiration to compose this article from my knowledge of science and a T.V. Programme Mahadev.

 I assume that the genesis of Lord Shiva is the day of the Big Bang happened. In this article I want to try to prove this conception which is a myth of course but somehow it is a truth as per my presumption, you would find a relationship between science and religion in this article and I will try to prove it with the help of science.

There is a Trinity in Hinduism i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh just like Air force, Navy and Army respectively, (The lord Brahma takes place in the air on a Lotus flower because he is self born out of a lotus flower which grew from the navel of lord Vishnu, and the Lord Vishnu takes place on the ocean on his Shesha-Naag and he originates from the internal energy of lord Shiva and the Lord Shiva takes place on the surface of the earth that is Kailash Parwat but nobody knows about the genesis of Lord Shiva) in any battle army always performs a vital role than other two forces just like lord Shiva who is the only powerful in universe. Everyone knows about the genesis of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu but do you know the genesis of Lord Shiva?

Let go back to your school days, remember! When you learnt about the big bang theory in science class, most probably you forget it, not an issue, I will remind you.

Thousands and thousands of decades ago when there were numerous of gases floating in the space and suddenly one day all these gases had collided with each other, that collision is known as “THE BIG BANG”. The big bang was the inception of the formation of the Universe, due to that big bang there were three kinds of atoms had made named PROTON, ELECTRON and NEUTRON.

Proton has positive charge, Electron has negative charge and Neutron has no charge it is wholly neutral, so all the particles around the universe has all these three elements-negative, positive and neutral, for instance, from the smallest particle of soil to the biggest object in the universe whether it is living or non-living object all has these three elements.

If I co-relate this historical incident of big bang with religion, the big bang was the incident of the formation of GOD who came into existence.

As I told you about proton, electron and neutron that every particle is formed by these three charge elements, the structure of every object is like, there is in the middle of every object is Neutron and Proton and Electron move around the Neutron (refer fig 1.1).

So in relationship of god the Lord Shiva is performing a role of Neutron and the Deities are performing as Protons and the Demons are performing as Electrons, so the Lord Shiva is like a scale who balances the roles of Demons and Deities in the universe.

According to Hindu Mythology, Demons always used to do evil things and spread negativity and Deities always used to spread positivity and both of them worship Lord Shiva that is why the Lord Shiva is called as Devanath as well as Bhootnath, and we assume that the Earth is in the centre of the Universe because of this the place of Lord Shiva is the Kailash Parwat which is also assumed as the centre of the earth.

Nobody knows about the genesis of lord Shiva even it is not mentioned in our holy books, but it is my presumption that the birth of lord Shiva is the day of the Big Bang happened.

Lord Shiva is a sole of energies whether they are positive or negative. He is the only powerful; there is no power beyond to him.

We can say that the lord Shiva is an integration of Positivity and Negativity or we can say that the lord Shiva is neither positive nor negative it means he is perfectly Neutral like Neutron.

Hence proved……………..



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    thank you so much chitra for appreciating me.

  2. chitra bhardwaj

    October 10, 2013 at 12:09 pm |

    nicely written and relation of science & mythology looks promising to me.


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      thank you so much chitra for appreciating me.

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