New media

Hii i am aman i want to share about New media.New media refers to on demand access to content anytime,anywhere on any digital device,as well as interactive user feedback,creative participation.Another aspect of new media is the real time generation of new unregulated content.Most technologies described as “New Media” are digital often having characteristics of being manipulated,networkable,dense,compressible nd interactive. EXAMPLE are internet,websites,computer multimedi,CD-ROMS nd DVD.It does nt include television programme,feature films,magazines,books or paper based publications.Facebook is an example of the social media model in which most users are also participants.The role of cellular phones such as the iphone has created the inability to be in complete solitude and the potential of ruining relationship. People show similar feelings to their phones as they  would to their friends, family and loved ones.countles people spend more time on thier phones while in the presence of other people than spending time with the phone in the same room or class.

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