Soul Talks to You

I’m in you !
I’m the holiest one sent by upper soul to you !
I suggests you everything which will fill you with his light !
I’ll show you the right direction to walk !
I’ll never die !
I can be murdered by spotting evils and sins done by you on me !
I’ll get heaven or thrown to hell by you !
I’m with you !
I always carry an aura to protect you !
I’m always there to help you when you are in trouble !
I’m without you !
I can just support you can’t control you !
I’ll be called by the upper soul to answer his askings after sacrificing you !
I’m in you !
I want you to shine like sun !
I want you to spread like sky !
I want you to be scent like rose ! 
I want you to be as sacred as upper soul !
I want your help to find my place in heaven !
We are  together till you are separated from this world !

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