Rio olympics 2016

RIO OLYMPICS 2016,also
known as summer Olympics 2016 this time was held in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. The games
were scheduled from Aug5,2016 to Aug21,2016.

Some of the imp facts that came
into notice during the schedule time are:-

  • On each day 60000 meals were prepared.

  • Largest security system was assembled in brazil

  • Golf and Rugby sevens  games was reintroduced.

  • First time held in winters.

  • Few football games was not held in Rio & was hosted

         belo horizonte, brasilia, Salvador &
    sao Paulo.

most important fact specially for we the Indian’s in Rio Olympics 2016 , was
this time Indians’s gained 67th rank with 1 bronze & 1 silver
medal. And this could only be possible because of the women olympian’s.The one
everyone critize.

reason behind this shameful failure is the lack of basic equipments,facilities
provided to our athletes. This was also stated in the tweet by abhinav bindra ,the Beijing gold
medalist stating “medals can only be expected if there  is adequate investment on athletes  in  India”.
Other than this we the Indian’s are concerned about cricket & so our govt don’t
hesitate to spend funds on the same & earn approximately triple spend on
the game which is not at all use for the well being of the society(the money
earned). This is done despite the fact that hockey is our national game &
more concern should be given to  that
atleast during the Olympics session.This could be the another important fact
why we the Indian’s are lacking behind in the games other than cricket. So it
is quite clear why india’s athletes were left behind in the race for medals.Moreover
in the race for Pride.

problem can only be solved if the govt can atleast provide the basic ameneties,
equipments required for an Olympian to give the hard time to the contestants of
other countries.

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