india’s ,rehabilitation or performance in rio Olympic

Olympic where all sportsperson of the all country of this world wants to win medal here, For India , the Rio Olympic 2016 may not have fared as well as it did in the 2012 London Olympic, but there were many athletics who impressed with their performance, but the Rio games made it abundantly clear to the people of India . That more infrastructure and investment is necessary for indian sportsperson. In terms of medal tally , India finished their Olympic campaign on the 67th position only two sportsperson, or we can say it also as the unlikely heroines , shuttle pv Sindhu and wrestler Sakshi Malik saved India from returning empty handed for the first time  since the Barcelona 1992 Olympic games .

        We all know that India’s population is 1.2 billion and its a real shame that we are so many as an individual , still we can’t compete with a country like the USA whose population is nearly half that of us .there were a lots of reason for failure of India in Rio Olympic 2016 and some reason will surprise all of us . As we all know that India has won only nine gold medals in their entire history . Eight golf medals comes from hockey and one was from Abhinav Bindra .
       The government is the biggest reason for Indian’s failure at Rio Olympic the government didn’t support their athletes . If we compare our country with China , China wins about 100 medals in every Olympics. They really deserves that because their government support them all the kits , accessories,equipment are provided and sponsored by the government another reason is that their is a very less career options available in India for an athlete that’s the reason that where less number of people wants to go in the field because In our country career choice is less . Parents mentality is also a reason because Indian parents only want to see their child progressing in studies nothing else one of the most important reason of failure of sportsperson in Olympic is lack of infrastructure  , we don’t have good infrastructure for a sportsperson . As we all know that Indian politics is very bad we all see politics in every game whether it’ts wrestling or boxing but this politics is actually ruining our nation’s chance to win medals at Rio. Lack of exposure is also a reason of failure of sportsperson in Olympic because they play their sports only in India , and then for the first time they stepout of this country directly into Olympics with less exposure sportsperson don’t perform well during Olympics . 
          So , according to my points of view Olympic medals only comes to India only when our government pay attention on our sportsperson by providing facilities. Job’s , education or welth, or our parents should have to make high their mentality or we should have to solve the faults of failure of our sportsperson for this we should also have to elect good government and many more things . Then one day it will definitely happen that India were at the top in the medals tally.
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