Light it up!

Ever thought what does a diya signify?
What does its flame mean?
Why is it lighten up?
Well basically,
Its said that if there is good there is evil,
If there is god there is devil and if there is darkness there has to be light!
So If you think of it!
Whatever happens, happens for a reason and if the world turns out to be the one place where you feel alone and dark then look around, every closed door has some light shining right through the key whole!
Just look closely!
Demons and monsters are real when it comes to us,
They do not live under our beds or inside our cabinets but beneath this layer of flesh , blood and bones!
Try to kill them and you’ll drown yourself!
Every wound has its own medicine therefore the darkness within ourselves is only curable by the light that every house ignites for the welcoming of good over evil!!!
Try this: light a diya but not in your house but in the one that suffers the wrath of heavy clouds!
You’ll drown a demon instead !

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