Tips for Good Presentation in Front of Camera

Dressing up nicely helps you in good presentation, and carrying yourself confidently is a must too. To be a good presenter, one must also have strong proficiency over language. So, here are some tips for Good Presentation:

Strong Platform Skills

Good posture a Must – Sitting in a relaxed posture is always so easy, but you may appear like a sack if you do so in front of camera. You must sit on your tails so you don’t look hunched over.

Use your hands – Gestures are a very powerful aspect of self-expression. Keeping this fact in mind one should use hand movements while speaking, this way you may appear less nervous.

Keep a sparkle in your eyes – Until you enjoy what you do; the sparkle in the eyes will be missed. Doesn’t matter if you have to give retakes or you fumble. You must move ahead and keep your confidence intact.

Remember to blink – Nodding and blinking the eyes give an affect of normal conversation. Why tell people that you are speaking to camera lens. ? Remember to blink at the end of each sentence.


Talk to the camera – It is not easy to make friends with a camera lens, but once you do you would love to speak to you friend for hours. Just like you look into human eye with that ease.

Your Appearance Matters!  
A fact one must understand, when you face the camera your appearance makes a difference not the kind of looks you normally have.

Even if you don’t look good, just work on what you wear, how you wear, does it make you look sober enough? Following are the tips for making your appearance perfect in front of camera.

Be cautious with colors-

  • Be sensitive if it’s a day time presentation; absolutely avoid shiny or bold pattern clothes. It may appear jittery on screen. Inside Studio presentation, if against a green wall, avoid green, black, white or bright red.
  • Women look good in jewel tones with simple, matte jewellery. Men look better in pastel color shirts, navy blue blazers, and simple ties

Avoid wardrobe malfunctions: 

Not only the color, have you had to keep in mind other wardrobe issues such as:

  • How good or bad is your fabric depends if it does not create audio problem, while moving or walking around.
  • The attire or the fabric should make you look poised and not paunchy.


  • Usually make up should be really light if presenting in day time. A transparent powder would be best if used.
  • The makeup should never be loud and should complement the attire and the occasion.
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