How to make video in window movie maker?

Step 1:  Create a new project.

Step 2:  Import video clips from your camera or hard disk location.

window movie maker


Step 3:  Create a title for the movie.

Window movie maker


Step 4: Preview video clips, decide which ones to include and which to leave out, and trim unwanted footage.

Step 5: Add the title and video clips to the timeline, arranging them in the desired order.

Step 6: Add Transition & Video Effects.


Step 7: Add music.

Window Movie maker


Step 8: Export the timeline as a new movie file.



And finally got a movie in your desired format.

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  1. Nishtha Dhand

    November 19, 2014 at 2:44 pm | |

    Apart from using pictures to make a video in movie maker, if we want to use some sections or parts of an already made video. How can we do that in movie maker?

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