Effective Communication Techniques- What does it really mean and how to achieve?

Effective communication is a two way Process where there is a sender and a receiver.

An effective communication happens when the receiver effectively understands what is being said by the sender or speaker. This in turns becomes both effective and efficient communication. Overall if the communication is impactful it is effective.

For effective communication certain questions are to be set in mind as to :

  • What common ground do we share?
  • Do they feel comfortable with our conversation?
  • Are my responses making them feel understood?
  • Is my intent being clearly defined?
  • Will our connection be better after our interaction?


How to be an effective communicator

  1. Give the impression that you’re enthusiastic about talking to your listener.
  2. Ask open-ended questions about listener’s interests.
  3. Adapt to their body language and feelings. (Gestures)
  4. Show them approval: Tell them what you admire about them and why.
  5. Listen attentively to everything they say. It is equally important to be a good listener while you communicate.
  6. Give them the right amount of eye contact.
  7. Reveal as much about yourself as possible.
  8. Relate the idea anything that goes in real life or past history.
  9. Give the impression that you are on the same team.
  10. Give them your best smile.
  11. Offer helpful suggestions.
  12. Give them encouragement.
  13. Appear to have a slightly higher energy level than the other person.
  14. Say their name in a way that is pleasing to their ears.
  15. Keep a check on the pace in which you speak. Hurrying up to speak may lead to fumbling in front of your audience.
  16. Last but not the least, In order to become a good communicator / speaker you have to have great information on the topic.
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