A Voice For Voice Over – Beginners Guide

A voice over, or V.O. is the staple of any television newscast. Count the types of stories you see on the news and you’ll find the majority are voiceovers. A voiceover is a script read live by the news anchor. As the anchor reads the story, video is shown. This type of storytelling is best for easy-to-understand reports on house fires, car wrecks or ribbon-cuttings.

Voice Culture is a branch of knowledge, which deals with the accurate practices of right Voice Production.   Vocal study deals with the right way of voice production and presentation of various styles of singing. The practice of technically developed exercises will help people to analyze the own voice and to manipulate the vocal apparatus for the perfect voice modulation.

Voice Quality
Voice quality is the result of a combined action of basic function of the vocal organsand developed components by scientific and systematic training and practice. Genetically determined factors of the vocal mechanism cannot be changed but with the help of the techniques one can manipulate them to make the voice better. Voice Culture is said to be a science and all the techniques and exercises are developed after an in-depth study of Psychology and Yoga.

Yoga & Psychology plays a major function Voice training
The primary source of energy to produce the voice is the smooth flow of air provided by the breathing apparatus. All varieties of voice modulation and the voice levelling can be mastered only when we have enough breathing capacity. Incorrect breathing can cause disorders in voice production. Hence Yoga and Pranayama are integrated in the voice training methods with a set of Asanas, Breathing exercises and Meditation specially selected and developed.

Many disorders of voice and failure of successful performance are due to psychological reasons. Voice problems are due to Organic and Functional disorders. Organic disorder is due to chronic infections, diseases and genetic factors. But functional disorder occurs because of incorrect breathing, wrong way of practice, imitation of somebody’s voice and vocal abuse in the day today activities. Functional disorder will reduce the voice quality and range developing a kind of uneasiness and strain on the voice. If neglected it may lead to injury to the Vocal Cords resulting permanent loss of voice.


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