2016 started with a boom for leo at oscars,celebration at rio boom of rio but among these that bothers us the most is the indian sweat on branzilian soil for the take of their nation hundred and eighteens “mai ke laals” participated in worlds oldest and greatest sports event and out of that pawns, only two queens! Seriously! I mean thats good news for those students who have to prepare an assignment on olympian medalists(they have less material for write), but thats just like a piece of cloth on the bare body of a nation of 1.3 billion..

Sakshi malik with bronze and pv sindhu with silver have set the biggest example for”beti bachao,beti padhao” campaign hands down but when our hard working journalist threw their arrows of questions on others by asking why are you not sakshi or sindhu then our athletes and government started playing blame game and the game is still on..Althletes says sakaar lachaar! And government claims khiladi bekaar! See lets not get this repeat..let’s get on the matter of fact and the matter of fact is government should provide facilities for budding Milkha singh and major dhyanchand pilles..The only thing we are lacking at is only tons stage for rehersals otherwise performer are already there..There are 42 games in olympics and we hardly know 8 or 10 except cricket (heartbeat of sports lovers) until or unless we get the right facility and atleast introduction of those rest of 42 games, how could we excel at many coming olympics.. The real politics behind all these scenario is not known, neither by you nor by me..The only piece of advice is to provide every sport in every school so that someone unaware of his talent can come and explore himself out of now here rise above mid-day meal and also provide mid-day sports and introduce every sport in every school, who knowns whether next sakshi or sindhu is unknowingly wasting in the line of mid-day meal make them explore..Make them play..

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