Performance of India in Olypmics Rio 2016

Olypmics is offically known as ” Games of XXXI ”olympiad & this year commonly known as Rio 2016. It was held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from August 5’2016 to August 21’2016.  This year, there were 207 nations participated and athletes were 11,303 in numbers. There were 28 events with the set of 306 medals. These sports took place at 33 different venues in the host city. theses games were also marked by controversies due to instability of country’s federal government, health & safety concern spreading Zika Virus and doping scandal which affected less participation of athletes in the games.
For the very first time, India had sent a more than 100 sportperson contingent to Rio 2016. India have managed to qualify 118 players for this event. There were many shocking mishappenings to our squad which resulted in poor performance in event. 
  1.  Abhinav Bindra found his shooting gun to broken.
  2.  There were no volunteers from India to provide refreshment to Athletes at      the nick of event.
  3. Mirabai had just only lifted 85kg in snatch and didn’t even qualified her             qualifying event record.
Now, the question arises, who is responsible for such a poor performance of India in Rio 2016? 
Government ‘or’ Team INDIA 
Well, according to my view, there is ratio 7:3 i.e 70% mistake of Government and 30% mistake of Team INDIA. The biggest reason for such a shocking dilemma is Corruption among politicians, white collar people, qualifiers and judges. They bribe the whole system in order to make high profile children Superhero for country and Irony, kickes actual talent aside from this biggest deed. Another point is Government doesn’t wanted to spent much on Team.

* Do you know, if a players gots injured in event. He/she is compensated with Rs. 150 as insurance.
(This fact discourages player to participate/play forward with euthusiasm.)
*After olympics, around 85% players got diappeared fro highlights for next 5 years. Government dont even gets anixous about their Sports Gold.

Players show their motivation during qualifiying round and shows their disinterest during main event. 

There are so many mistakes made by government and players. The list of these happenings can take even more than night to count their carelessness. The problem in India is both Government and Team gives excuses and save themselves, they dont think for Country’s Pride. They know people will gossip for a couple of days and will forget later whereas in another countries, they accept their mishappenings and carelessness and overcome in next event. 
These facts and context which shown that responsiblity is so connected with each other such as Government doesn’t want to take incentives for team in direct proportion, Team will show their disinterest towards Pride of their Country.
At the end I want to conclude with point that, There is a simple thing, Government And Team shares a relationship of Parents and children, the relation of give, take, share. 
“The quicker both understand their responsibiliities sooner they will be Kings of World”

– Chetna 

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