Yaha har kadam kadam per dharti badale rang….                Yaha ke boli mai rangoli 7 rang….                                           Ini rango ke sherwato ka rang mai rang jata hai yaha ka   log aur manate hai kae tyohar…                                             Aur inhe tyoharo mai sa ek hai Diwali,                                   Kahata hai ya tyohar burai per aachi ka parteek hai..               Diwali is the most popular festival.It is celebrated when lord Ram,Lakshman and , devi Seeta returned to Ayodhya. Ayodhya people welcome them with lighted the oil lamps that is why it is called the festival of light.Every Diwali we worship Goddess Laxmi they called a’Laxmi poojan’.The last day of the Diwali called bhaiduj on this day brother gives a gifts to her sister.                                       After Diwali we are all clean our houses,we decorate our houses with lights and rangoli , we wear new clothes in Diwali .                                                                                            According to me Diwali is a festival of happiness we meet our relatives ,friends . We celebrate small get toghter  is very good as well as crack the crackters.                 In Diwali poeple crack the cracker in full night and create a noise and air pollution which create a health problems.we are all celebrate noise and air pollution free Diwali.

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