Diwali, festivals of lights…..

”Burai ka Aant kiya, khushiyo ka jhola bharke bete ne ghar
ko roshan kiya

Jag maga utha sara jahan khushiyon se, aur ek aur kahani ka
sukhse aant hua ”

According to our mythlogy, Lord Rama came back to his home
with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana after 14 years of exile and spread
the great springs of happiness among their empire.

This trend of celebrating Diwali is still followed even in
21st century. People do clean their houses, share a positive
attitude by visiting their houses and spend time with each other. But as time
is changing this concept is fading years after years. The bonds and trust are
adversely affected by the aisles of cheating, fraud and aggression where many
people moving in order to achieve their success.

But still we, Indian follow our traditions and culture and
enjoy goodness of Fest. So, now I am going to show the other another side of
celebration of Diwali in the part of Uttar Pradesh, Vraja Dhama (Goverdhana)

In the month of kartika, many pilgrims from different
countries travel to Vraja, that includes Vrindavana, Goverdhana, Mathura,
Goloka, Barsana  and many more places to
obtain spirituality and peace of mind. As we all know, after the day of Diwali,
it is the day for Goverdhana Puja…..aka “Anukuta”

This event is actually fun for people in order to enjoy
something new.  Mythlogically, Lord
Krishna asked Vrajavasi’s to worship Goverdhana hill  to be thankful to him, this annoyed Indra,
the king of Swarga and he showed his rage by overflooding the towns. So, Lord
Krishna protected all Vrajavasis by lifting Goverdhana on his small finger for
7 days and decleared Goverdhana as the avatara of Lord Krishna.

Every year, pilgrims from different countries come and
worship goverdhana and enjoy this puja by showing their expressions in the form
of dancing, singing joyfully. People often move to these spiritual places in
the Diwali holidays and enjoy their spirit of liveliness with different culture
and different people…

And this is how I celebate my Diwali. Pollution free , love
with people.. Far way from the world of scary noisy crackers…. So, there is message…
this enjoy our festives with slight touch of adventure and pinch of love and
spread happiness and Be blessed happy soul…….

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