Changes I wish to see in the world

What will happen if ‘respect’ and ‘humanity’ are suddenly regarded momentous and people starts following it religiously?
How would  be the life, when respect and humanity would be established by every individual in the world? 
Envisage the way PM Modi unexpectedly declared ‘notebandi’ throughout the nation, one day God declares respect and humanity as theonly religion that can be followed by humans. Then also there would be numerous infidels and heretics. So, just declaration will not be enough to impose respect and humanity. God might need a ‘magical wand’ to spread these pure words amongst mankind.
What will happen next? Suddenly King Jong-un, the Supreme leader of North Korea, would start respecting the United States of America and instead of testing Ballistic missiles, he might shower Magnolia sieboldii ( national flower of North Korea ) on President Donald Trump and In return Trump might invite him to the famous Rose garden in the White House.
                                                                        I believe that all the critical issues of the World would eradicate and then there will not be large scale conflicts and wars. As respect and humanity would be the only religion, there would not be any religious conflict. People will start helping each other and It will solve the complex problems like poverty, exploitation and corruption which will eventually provide well-being, safety and security to every individual. It might also provide relieve in Global Warming and climate change to some extent. 
Now, let’s talk about Indian society. ‘Pranama’ is a form of ‘respectful salutation’ or ‘reverential bowing’ before another person. Pranama is derived from Pra whichh means ‘in front’ and Anama means ‘bending or stretching’. It means showing deep respect to someone but do we really follow it?
A survey conducted by HelpAge India in the year 2014 says, “50% of the elderly surveyed, includeing 48% men and 52% women, reported suffering abuse. Abuse can be verbal, physical and emotional. It can be neglect, disrespect and abandonment”. Our elders who teach us the ritual of ‘Pranama’ since our childhood are abandoned, abused and neglected in a nation where respect, brotherhood and hospitality are the roots.
A famous prayer of Rig Veda – ‘Sangachhadhwam Samvadadhwam, Sam vo Manansi Janatam’ which means ‘May you move In harmony, speak In one voice, let your minds be In agreement’, teaches us about respect and humanity but we do not follow it. We the People of India should think that do we need any magical wand to follow such values?

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