Transgender people are individuals of any age or sex whose appearance, personal characteristics or behavior differ from how man and women are ‘Supposed’ to be transgender people have existed in the every culture race and class since the story of humans life has been recorded. The contemporary term ‘Transgender’ arose in 1990s from the grass roots community of gender-different people. 
          In India there are a host of socio-cultural groups of transgender people like –  Hijras/kinnars shiv -shaktis , Arachis, Sakhi etc. However, these so- cultural groups are not transgender people, but there may be those who do not belong to any of these groups but are transgender persons individually. In our country there are lots of problems faced by the transgender community are of discrimination, unemployment, homelessness, lack of medical facilities like HIV care and hygiene, even in marriages and adoption. They are often pushed to the periphery as a social outcast and may end up begging and dancing due to which they have to change into man’s clothes to get a night shelter in rains Basra built by government else they are sexually harassed by other people. A 2007 study documented that in past one year the percentage of Hijras who reported force sex is 46%, physically abuse 44% verbal abuse is 56%, blackmail for money is 31 % and the threat to life is 24%. Transgender have very limited employment opportunities. Transgender have no access to bathroom/toilets and public places. what I think is there should be more rights for transgender like they must have right to decide their gender, expression, and identity, including transsexual, transgender and hijras.  They should also have a right to freely express their gender identity. this includes the demand for hijras to be considered female as well as a third sex. They also have a right to vote, the right to own property, the right to education, employment, health, and so on. even there is a bill for the protection of transgender people which bring social, education and economic empowerment to the transgender community. the bill identifies the ‘Transgender’ as a third gender and gives a transgender person freedom to identify as ‘man’ or ‘Woman’
      It also ensure that transgender person or children to enjoy the right to equality, and all human rights .This bill will make illegal to force a transgender to leave residence or village or to remove their cloths and force them to be naked. This act will be punishable upto 2 years of imprisonment along with a fine. their should be more rights and provision for the transgender or supreme court judgment may bring transgender on an equal position like other citizen but more need to do to change the attitude of society towards them. 

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