Change i wish to see in 2018 Respect first then love

Women is not just a companion to men, sister to a brother,daughter to her parents but indeed a creator of the life. She carries the major part of duties in the world. If a man loves her truly and wants to actually show his love for her, then its not done by luring her with big bouquet of roses and she expensive gifts, but by only respecting her in each and every way. Accept her as she is and not give her conditions to be accepted by asking her to change herself as per his likes and dislikes.
Women have to be really educated and well informed in each and every way that the word empowerment is actually eradicated from the SOCIETY. Respect her first and then love her.
She’s rushing through her life,giving chunks of her time whenever needed, wherever needed. Dont rush her more than she rushes herself, don’t push her harder than she pushes herself.

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