“Body Shaming”

Between what you currently look and what you want to look, there will always be people who will tell you ‘what you should look.’

A 14-year-old student hanged herself just because she was suffering from ‘Bulimia.’ Yes. You read it right. A 14-year-old girl hanged herself just because she had an obsessive desire to lose weight. Is being skinny more important than someone’s life?

Why 94 percent of teenage girls are body-shamed? Why the 81 percent of 10-year-old kids are afraid of getting fat? (They are just kids, not even teenagers.) Why 50 percent of commercial directed towards women mention physical attractiveness? Why a green tea advertisement or any advertisement never talks about being healthy while remaining chubby and curvy? Maybe now the defination of, curvy is beautiful and attractive, has changed. Maybe having a flat tummy is now a necessasity and is more important than ones own choice of being chubby.

Also, I just wanted to know that, who give others right to talk about your big thighs? Who give others right to talk about your stretch marks or talk about your scars and make fun of it? Who give them the right to tease you? Who ask them to body-shame you?

If my above lines have even hit the 0.05 percent part of you brain, then believe me, I’m really overwhelmed. Because you know what? Just get up and “Stop Owing Perfection To Anyone.” Its your body and it’s your rules. Stop investing money in dieting industry. Better, invest your money in good food and your food in your body. Be healthy from outside as well as inside. “Be Confident” that your body knows what’s good for you. And. “Accept It Rather Than Shaming It.”

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