Ruchi Rajput

Who influence a child more parents or teacher:-

 According to my points of view parents influence a child more than teacher .As we all know that parents know their children very well in the compression of teacher such as the habits or what children likes or dislikes more .By their love parents always attract the mind’s of their children .Most importantly forget the sacrifice of the parents. Parents sacrifice many things for their children .By doing hardwork our parents fullfill all the desire or demands of their children just to see the charming smile on the face of their children.                                 When mother gives birth to her children from that day to the last breath of her life , parents only work to make their children life wonderful     when parentstheir children to school or college they give all the facilities to their children just to makes children a good person no matter what parents suffer in the process of making their children life awesome and the only desire that their children should flourish in their life by talking care of the child from angles that is health, dress, diet and most importantly education.this is the reason that for girls her real hero is her father.              If we compare the roll of teacher with parents we saw that teacher make the child capable so that he or she can face any competition and build up good currier but we all know that parents also want to see their children in good post that’s why they send their children to bigh school or college. By spending a lots of money.                  So overall according to me the conclusion is that parents influence the children more.

india’s ,rehabilitation or performance in rio Olympic

Olympic where all sportsperson of the all country of this world wants to win medal here, For India , the Rio Olympic 2016 may not have fared as well as it did in the 2012 London Olympic, but there were many athletics who impressed with their performance, but the Rio games made it abundantly clear to the people of India . That more infrastructure and… Read more →

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