A girl aged 7 loves her    daddy alot
 Her dad sighs when she hugs him and thoughts,
 One day she’ll be a big girl
And leave his hand
 Lost in deep thought he cries and cries 
 His little angel watching her dad weeping out and says..
“Daddy i’ll be forever in your  heart 
 I may have no supports besides
 but u’ll be there at any time”.
Daddy still weeps out more   and more and her girl with her cute little hands vanishes his sob
Now the little angel has grown up with her wings 
And flying high and high 
Daddy watching and supporting her still…till she reaches the sky
He sheds his tears again thinking “would she be there for me if i want her anytime?”
The big girl listens to his heart and says ..
“Daddy this clock has been running the time but your girl  will always be your girl and heart never lies”

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