Sharing & Caring: True Spirit of Diwali

Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated with a lot of excitement in our country. It depicts the victory of good over evil and light over darkness but where does it’s true spirit lies? The true spirit of the festival lies in spreading happiness and joy through sharing and caring. Almost all of us knowingly or unknowingly share and care for our family or loved ones. But a set of people who are part of our daily lives almost always get neglected. Let’s talk about them, your maid, cleaner, driver, taxi driver, a rickshaw puller, do you think Diwali for them is same as yours? For them Diwali is just like any other day, the only difference is when they reach home they see their family with whom they would like to share and care like you do on Diwali, but their limited resources make them adjust accordingly. To truly celebrate Diwali, let help them overcome this adjustment, let’s increase the limit of their resources.  It might seem like a lot to ask, however, it won’t even require any extra effort from our end, we just need to use our resources wisely. Instead of purchasing crackers worth thousands of rupees give half of the money to someone for whom that amount would really mean something. We buy new clothes every Diwali, let’s give the ones we bought the last season to someone in need. This festive season, give a present to the people who are your support system. Give them an off, let them celebrate Diwali with their family because like us, they are also working very hard, therefore, they deserve it. Share your happiness by letting them bring happiness to their families. Let’s celebrate not just a Happy Diwali but a Diwali full of Happiness for everyone around you.

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