Rio olympics 2016

The Olympics 2016 were held in Rio De Janerio in Brazil,opening ceremony was held on 5 August 2016 and closing ceremony was on 21 August 2016. This time the motto was “A new world”. Nation participating were 207 therefore the athletes were about 11,303. United States topped the medal table for the fifth time in the past six summer olympics by winning the most gold (46) and overall  (121).

Indian competiters which participated were about 117 in 15 sports and were back home with 2 medals and ranked 67 in the Rio Olympics 2016.

The IOA sent the nation’s largest ever delegation i.e, A total of 117 athletes; 34 largest than their previous record of 83 athletes in 2012.

Reason for Lacking Performance

People lack interest in olympics just because of disappointing performance of their country in sports. Most of us are not even aware of new games in which india participated this year i.e, Golf, Judo & rowing. Though we start blaming the players and discourage them for there bad performance in place of that people should encourage them for participating which will boost up there confidence for the next time to do better. The best example to explain this topic are, 
The indian women who made us proud by winning medals for our country i.e, P.V Sindhu who won silver medal in badminton by giving such a brilliant performance in her last match. But just because she couldn’t get a gold not only other people her own parents started discouraging her by saying sorry to the country. Rather than being proud they made her feel bad.
On the other hand we have Sakshi Malik with a bang performance for the bronze medal which she won for the country. Though, after that she got to listen such shameful words “who will marry you for having this kind of body”. Discouraging is one of the shameful act one can do in life. 
We all are equally responsible for the disappointing performance of india in olympics as we people only discourage players who could not match our expectations.Not just government and players we are the culprits too. We don’t even know the reason behind the lacking performance whether its lack of facilities or opportunities.
“Put yourself in someone’s shoe before uttering a word”.

We all should see the positive side of the situation and encourage the person who has done something for our nation because a player exist in everyone but only few of them have the vision to see that talent and take it along them and reach to a level.


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