Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016
Recently Rio Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil From 5 August to 21 August 2016 in which more than 11000 athletes from 207 National Olympics Committees were participated including first time participants from  Kosovo,South Sudan and the Refugee Olympics team also tooks part. 
As we all are know that India only won two medal one bronze and one silver. So according to me we should follow Europe culture where they start training of their kids at the age of 5. Here in our country we lack in this. Our government is also responsible for this as funds which are allotted for development and welfare of the Olympics players they never reached to them only 10% players gets it’s benefit. Like America we should also appoint professionals for training of players at the initial stage I mean at age of 5-6 year while kid start his schooling. 
There is also mistake of our players they should be more hardwiring and their goal should be gold medal in Olympic and not as if they are playing to get the jobs through sports quota.
Government should provide more facility to player. We will get successful only with joint efforts.

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