With social media on a rise and generation turning digital, folks somehow seems losing the significance of print media. No one can reject the plain fact that more of the recent generation prefers handheld internet devices but still print media hasn’t lost its glory. The fact is that regardless of how sophisticated and convinient the digital media gets the significance of the print media will never end.

Taking a big example of advertising . The important advent of Telivision in the advertising market is impactful but could not replace the effect of print advertising.

The actual reason behind this fast is that the mags are picked up by those having an interest in that actual niche rather than some random surfers. It is because print media has built a trust worthy image on everyone which no other medium has done it till now.

Print media was started with the aim of influencing people and spreading awareness. And since then to now it is only print media which has brought some hard and hidden truths in front of the people. Whether it is the BOFORS SCAM in the early 80’s or the TLC SCAM in 2013 it was all revealed by the major newspapers which directly reflects the importance of print media.

Today, Across the world, over 45 trillion pages are printed anually which shows how print media is still standing tall against so many foes. 


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