Practical Training, more than study, is the key of success in mass communication studies

Mass communication is one of those fields in which you cannot depend on what you read in books always. When you are in the field, you face challenges that require sudden call to action. Unless one is enough creative and out of the box thinker, it’s very difficult for him to survive in this field.

Training is more important than Study:
No matter which mass communication institute you want to study in, but unless you don’t want to go in the field and work, it’s almost next to impossible for you to be successful in this field. Mass communication is nothing but to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people at a single time. It’s not cake walk to do so. There are different ways of communicating people, for example, radio, TV, websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, forums and various social media groups. But unless you don’t know which medium is to be used when, you cannot survive in this field. It can only be learned through going in the field and doing hands-on assignments. The best way to learn mass communication is to take practical training. Books can teach you different ways that are available for you, but which one should be picked and when can only be learned by yourself.

How to initiate the proceedings:
It’s right that you can learn mass communication more in the field than classroom, but it’s very difficult to go directly in the field and start practicing it. You need a platform or a launch pad from where you can start your journey and move on in your career. In order to initiate your career in mass communication, prepare a list of mass communication institutes which are very well-known and can offer you a quality education.

Training, more than study, is the key of success in mass communication studies

After preparing the list of colleges, you need to conduct in-depth research on a personal level about all those institutes. Here you can take into consideration their faculty, curriculum, placement track record, number of internships and ratio of classroom and practical training during the course.

Earlier, Mumbai used to be the only city where all the opportunities regarding mass communications were available, but things have changed over the past few years. Now the mass communication and advertising industry has come to Delhi. You should eye for any top-notched mass communication institute in Delhi, which can provide you second to none classroom training and excellent field training side by side.

You have two options to start with your journey in this field. The first one is getting degree while another option is getting diploma. If you don’t have that much time in hand, but want to make a career in mass communication, then enroll yourself for a diploma in journalism and mass communication in any good college. Not only will it offer you a formal platform to kickstart your career, but also make you feel comfortable with all the latest tools and techniques that are used nowadays. Keep in mind that training is more important in mass communication than classroom studies.

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