Performance of India in rio Olympics 2016

The 2016 summer Olympics was held in Rio de janerio ,Brazil from 5th august to 21st august in which 207 nations was participated. The India. Association sent the nations largest ever delegation , a total of 118 players for Olympics .
As we all know the performance of India is not good in this Olympics so who is responsible for this ? This can be a very big discussion. According to me both are responsible for this but ministry is more responsible for this as compare to athletes because–
●firstly no appropriate funding for the Olympics.
●India can’t win a medal at the Olympics unless the entire system is overhauled. 
●No awareness among sports .
●In the Uk funding of Olympic preparation is 4 times that of india.
●Only there is insurance of 150 rs of any injured athelete .
●Lack of practice.
●Even pv sindhu the silver medalist said that the rewards which you give us after winning the medal you have to give us before the win like more funding so this will be very beneficial for us.
So from these how can we expect that India win the medals in Olympic?
●Government should have to create some awareness programme related sports.
●Private funding should also included in Olympics.
●Athletes should give their best.
●Government should support their athletes in every way so they can perform their best.
●Government should learn from other countries like Uk that how to tackle out the problems as Mr modi set up a task force for next Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo.
At last we will perform our best in next Olympics and create a history which will change the image of India in Olympics.

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