Performance of India in Rio Olympics 2016

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Introduction-  Host city of Rio Olympic 2016 was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In total 207 Nations participated in 2016 Olympics, Total no of Athletes participated was 11,303 and there are 306 events in different categories of sports. Opening Ceremony was on 5th August 2016 & Closing Ceremony was on 21st Aug 2016
Body-  I believe i would blame more on Ministry than on Players because the Indian Government is more concerned on glamour rather than working on the Sports Management of our Country. Our Ministers do not give proper funds to the Sports department & due to less money our country is lacking behind. As a result India performed terribly bad in Olympics 2016
Conclusion-  What i Believe Government should pay extra attention on the Sports Ministry of India. And Govt should give proper medical aid to the players. If proper facilities were been given to the players they might give there 100 percent. Max players belong to poor families, they should be given basic medical facilities.  On a conclusion we Indians should push our Government to do better 
I as a Indian feel so ashamed to see the performance of our players 
Its a request Our govt & players both should work hard for the preperation of next Olympics so that every Indian should feel proud for his Nation
Jai Hind

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