Why Isn’t India Punching Its Weight?

We live in a country where more than the number of medals are scams in one day, and this is a fact which we need to believe. Maybe this is one of the reason why India didn’t perform well in olympics or maybe an excuse for the same?
Have you heard about Usain Bolt? Oh! off course you must have. But before winning bronze medal for India did you ever hear the name Sakshi Malik? 
The world’s number one athlete, Usain Bolt, belongs from Jamaica, a minnow country of the world. Won’t it be ugly to say that minnows like Jamaica, Grenada and Kenya are having more medals as compare to us. Do they also lack in facilities or even their sportsperson also lack in enthusiasm? So, the question is that why isn’t India punching its weight?
One reason is undoubtedly money. But don’t you think that even we ourself are also responsible for so? In countries where the sportspersons keep on excelling, they have opportunity to select any sport as choice of career and even can discontinue education, just because their government provide them good welfare policies and their public provide them exposure to so. But is there same in our country? Actually, here we are so addicted to sport like cricket that even some of our younger ones regard it as our national game. We have numerous international platforms for promoting cricket but do we have so for hockey or for volleyball or for any other such game? No we don’t and how could we? Our rich business men and our poor government can only invest their money to give our nation a good infrastructure for playing cricket and good cricketers for future who soon get addicted to money and fame.
We have the scenario that when our players win medal they get awarded with luxury car like BMW, but when a player of Kenya wins such medal their country gives them facility of light which actually contributes to their country’s growth and development.
This is really sad to say that in terms of population size and medals won, there is no worse olympic performer like India.
So, what do you think could be the solution for so? Some from my point of view is that first of all rather than cricket we need to pay more attention to other sports like volleyball, wrestling, hockey, handball, weightlifting and many other. And they should also be promoted to international level. Government really need to increase their fund rather than keeping it safe at their home. Stop corruption. Because of this talented sports person don’t get a chance to travel outside the country for any big sporting event. And not only this, but raising voice against this injustice by any sports person is like announcing their retirement from the game. Not only this but our players should also focus on their game rather than focusing on the limelight or on the hurdels in their way. Because at the end of the day “I Can” is always greater than “Can I.”
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