India’s performance in Rio Olympics in 2016

Intro – The summer Olympics 2016 was held in Brazil city of
Rio de Janeiro. The motto or the catch line of this Olympics is live your
passion. There were 306 events in total spread around 28 sporting categories
which are to be hosted by 35 different competition venues. The opening ceremony
was held at the Maracanã Stadium of Rio de Janeiro on 5th August 2016 and
closing ceremony was at held the same venue on 21st August 2016. The total number
of Indian athletes performing in the Rio Olympics were 120.

India cannot win medal at the Olympics unless the entire
system is overhauled. To play any game, children have to start early but in
India there are no playgrounds, stadiums or parks for public use the Indian
government for instance doesn’t own a single world-class badminton or table
tennis Stadium. The sports authority of India has just one Stadium with world-class
wrestling facility. Only the athletes who train at the sports authority of
India get the pittance for uniforms and equipment’s and daily living. Athletes
who get injured are insured for Rs.150. The players get great food there but
what about the quality of coaching? Zero! There is lack of encouragement,
infrastructure and education. India cannot win medals if government does not
take initiative and help the players to rise. Without their efforts athletes would
never win any medals.

Conclusion – The poor performance of India in Rio is not
because the players does not work hard. It is because of the government, which is
oblivious to the players for four years and then expect the players to bring
medals. Government does not support the players financially or with better
training facilities.

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